Grizzly bear with broken tooth receives root canal surgery at B.C. wildlife park

A grizzly bear living in a Kamloops wildlife park underwent a root canal last Friday to repair a damaged tooth.

Knute, the eight-year-old bear, was in a lot of pain after a broken canine tooth became infected.

Staff determined that he needed a root canal to remove the dead tissue.

Veterinarians were brought in from the University of Calgary to help sedate the 250-kilogram bear.

He was hoisted onto a surgical table where vets took X-rays to have a better look at the tooth (Not surprisingly, doctors didn’t want a close-up look at the damaged tooth before the bear was anesthetized.)

Veterinarians took three hours to perform the root canal.

Knute is recovering well, they said.

A grizzly bear underwent a root canal at wildfire park in Kamloops.

Author: John Azpiri

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